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The Dwarf Cave in Alanya

The Dwarf Cave in Alanya

Dwarf Cave near Sapadere Canyon

The Dwarf (Cüceler) Cave

The Dwarf (Cüceler) Cave was opened to visitors on May 9, 2012. İt is situated 37 km far from Alanya, on the way to Sapadere village. Once you have decided to visit an amazing Sapadere Canyon, spend some time to look around the interior of the Dwarf cave.

İt is a natural karst cave with numerous stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes and colours. They were formed over 10,000 - 15,000 years by the impact of rain and melt water on the rock formations rich in carbon monoxide. Perhaps the most important feature of the Dwarf cave is the possibility to see the stalagmites and stalactites in all the rainbow colours. That’s why some tourists call it the Rainbow cave. According to the researchers the cave is rich in minerals that give the colour to the stalactites and stalagmites. The Dwarf cave is beneficial to people with asthma and similar respiratory conditions. The temperature inside the cave is about 20 degrees and does not change throughout the year. The experts believe that the Dwarf cave has some other features, so they continue the cave exploration.

You can reach the Dwarf cave through the 170 meters long platform made of steel and wood. For now only 150 metres divided into 6 sections are opened to visitors. İn the next tourist season it is planned to open another 100 metres and more sections - that means the area bigger than the whole Damlatas cave in Alanya. Being still not very popular the Draft cave is visited mostly by the people going to Sapadere Canyon.

The place where is located is amazingly beautiful. Unforgettable panoramic view of Taurus mountains covered with green pine forests will stay in your memory for a long time. After the cave exploring don’t forget to enjoy a cup of tea of coffee at a nearby cafe with a great view over the area. Entrance to the Dwarf (Cüceler) cave is 8 turkish lira (2015).

History of the cave

The Dwarf cave has an interesting story explained by the local people from the surrounding villages. İn 1900s the Tailors (Terziler) family used to live in Tırılar village. One day a dwarf from this family suffering physical abuse at the hands of his older brother decided to run away from home. He hid in a cave and was seen there once by a shepherd. Of course the shepherd said about that to his family. They came and have taken the dwarf back home. Since that time the cave got it name like the dwarf cave.

One more interesting fact is known from the cave history. During the Ottoman period it was used by the farmers to hide the animals (sheep and goats). The reason was not to pay the tax for small animals.